About us

Box Auto-09 Ltd. deals with production of welding electrodes for plastic bumpers. The product eases workshops' activities, decreases technological time for work and minimizes bumpers repair costs. Electrodes are produced out of recycled car bumpers and a small per cent of plastic depending on its type. Each of them is named with numbers and letters /pp, pe, pp epdm, pp epdm t10, etc./, which corresponds to the number of the bumper. When welded with hot air, a homogeneous mixture is set up.
Why we make a difference
There are companies that offer rods for plastic welding. However, they are produced out of raw material which never converts to homogeneous mixture. This happens because there are many supplements to the raw material for auto bumpers.
The technology used, the form of electrodes and the good prices let us offer the best product on the market.
Nature of the process
Welded ends are heated with a stream of hot air. As an additional material we use plastic electrodes of one and the same type of plastic /0.6mm wide for outer treatment and 10mm wide for inner treatment/.